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'V' and 'Fringe' Panel Highlights

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 'V' and 'Fringe' Panel Highlights Empty 'V' and 'Fringe' Panel Highlights

Post  rosekitty on Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:48 am

Two sci-fi panels Alias dvd invaded the third day of San weeds dvd Diego Comic Con on Saturday, July 24 to The King of Queens dvdgive away little details of what Midsomer?Murders?dvd to expect in the next season. Friends?dvdFirst up was ABC's "V" which was attended by doctor who dvd box setmost of its lead cast including Morena project runway dvd box set Baccarin and Scott Wolf. project runway season 7 dvd box setIt was explained that new law and order dvd box setcharacters will be introduced and supernatural dvd box set war between human and alien intensifies.

The discussion startedshaun the sheep dvd season with what happened after shaun the sheep dvdAnna feels her first human emotion. shaun the sheep dvd box set"It starts in episode one, with the continuation The office series dvdof the Red Sky story, and an explanation of the fact that Anna The office dvdfelt human emotion for the first time, and unleashed The office season 6 dvd box setthe Red Sky early, how that really starts to screw The office dvd box setup the whole plan that Anna had come up with," The office dvd seasonsaid producer slash writer Scott Rosenbaum.

Rosenbaum then talked Dexter dvd seasonelaborately about his plan of Chad. "We're also going to meet Chad's father, Dexter series dvdthis year, in the middle of the season, and I think that meeting his father is going toDexter dvd shed some light on why Chad has made some of the decisions Dexter dvd box set in his life that he has." Anna's mom Diana will also be introduced in Entourage series dvd the first episode as a mean Entourage dvd to explain where the visitors come from.

"The Fifth Column will Entourage dvd seasondevelop further," Rosenbaum added. "One of the things that we House MD dvd realized over the course of the first House MD series dvd season was, if the Fifth Column is really House MD dvd season going to be credible taking on the Vs, Scrubs dvd it can't just be four people. They have to Scrubs series dvd expand, so there's a new character introduced Scrubs dvd seasonin the first episode who's a scientist, Scrubs dvd seasonwho has information that fits into the Desperate Housewives series dvddeveloping puzzle and begins to answer the puzzle that is the Visitors."

Meanwhile, the cast of FOX's Desperate Housewives dvd box set"Fringe" mainly talked about the alternate world and Desperate Housewives dvdhow their other versions look like.Desperate Housewives dvd season John Noble who plays Walter said he actually trained to lose weight and get shaped in order to portray a younger version of himself. Meanwhile, Anna Torv said about Desperate Housewives season 5her character, " 'Our' Olivia just Desperate Housewives season 6wants to be the best,Dawson's Creek series dvd but [the other] Olivia just wants to win." She added that Dawson's Creek dvd seasonchanging wigs can be quite exhausting.

Jasika Nicole also shared her alternate Dawson's Creek dvd version, saying "Astrid doesn't have the emotional Dawson's Creek box setcommunication in the alternative universe which she does Dark Angel series dvd in this one. She's kind of a loner." As for Broyles, Lance Reddick said, Dark Angel dvd box set"Currently, Alt Broyles' loyalty lies with Walternate,Dark Angel dvd [but] he's a bit of a maverick, so I guess we'll see just how thatDark Angel season loyalty and relationship plays out."

But the biggest blurt coming from Lost dvd seasonthe cast was the possibility of Leonard Nimoy reprising Lost dvd series dvdhis role as William Bell. "Should we be able to convince him to come out of retirement,Lost dvd we have another story to tell," executive Lost complete series dvdproducer Jeff Pinker said. In the meantime,Heroes series dvd guest starring appearances will come Heroes season 4 from Andre Royo and Amy Madigan.

"V" is not going to return Heroes dvdon ABC until midseason whileHeroes dvd seasons"Fringe" returns September 23 on FOX.

Any juicy teasers shaun the sheep dvd seasonfor the remaining episodes of Lie shaun the sheep dvdto Me's second season? — Kim M.
ADAM: Outgoing shaun the sheep dvd box setshowrunner Shawn Ryan says the final nine episodes The office series dvd build to a cliff-hanger leading into Season 3, The office dvdeven though many of the episodes stand alone.The office dvd box setOne reunites Ryan with six cast The office dvd seasonmembers from his hit cable series,Dexter dvd season The Shield. Airing Aug.Dexter series dvd 16, the episode finds Lightman Dexter dvd(Tim Roth) wondering if he sent the Dexter box setwrong person to jail in a child murder case.Entourage series dvd "We get called to an execution Entourage dvdand the guy says he didn't do it, Entourage dvd seasonand he didn't do it," Roth says.House MD dvd "The reason he is getting executed isHouse MD series dvd because I was a witness.House MD tv So he's sentenced to House MD dvd seasondeath based on my science Scrubs dvdand my testimony."

When is Royal Scrubs series dvdPains coming back? Scrubs dvd seasonWhat has Hank been doing all winter? Desperate Housewives series dvd— Michael
MICKEY: Nothing.Desperate Housewives box set In fact, there is no winter in Hank's world, Desperate Housewives dvdjust eternal summer. So when Pains returns Desperate Housewives dvd season to USA on Thursday, June 3 at 10/9c,Desperate Housewives season 5 it picks up almost immediately Desperate Housewives season 6 after the events of last season. Dawson's Creek series dvdHankMed is still bankrupt, Boris is still dying, Dawson's Creek dvd seasonand believe it or not, Divya is still engaged. Dawson's Creek dvdThat wasn't a fake-out,Dawson's Creek box set and her reasoning for entering Dark Angel series dvda loveless marriage is actually Dark Angel dvd box set quite touching, and a lesson Dark Angel dvd for Evan.

Now that hunk Dark Angel season Alex O'Loughlin is in a new series, Lost dvd seasonany chance we will ever see Lost dvd series dvdthe last few episodes of Three Rivers Lost dvdthat are in the can? — Kathy
ADAM:Lost complete series dvd Yes, CBS will burn off those Heroes series dvdepisodes beginning Monday Heroes season 4, June 5. As for that "new series,"Heroes dvd the third time may be the charm Heroes dvd seasonsfor O'Loughlin and CBS. Xena Warrior Princess series dvdThe Hawaii Five-O Xena Warrior Princess seasonemake backs up its leading man Remington Steele series dvdwith a solid cast and manages Remington Steele dvd box set to honor the original without Remington Steele dvdcheesiness. It doesn't hurt that Remington Steele dvd season Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Everybody hates Chris tvJames Marsters plays O'Loughlin's Everybody hates Chris series dvdlethal nemesis. Given O'Loughlin's Everybody hates Chris dvdstint on Moonlight, Everybody hates Chris dvd seasonvampire lovers should go Everybody hates Chris 1especially giddy.

Is Jason going to get away How I met your mother tvwith shooting Eggs on True Blood? — Jen
MICKEY: For now, yes. How I met your mother seasonAndy has a pretty hilarious way for the How I met your mother dvddunderheaded Jason to remember La Femme Nikita box set how to avoid suspicion La Femme Nikita dvd — a mantra, if you will.La Femme Nikita dvd season Wait until you hear it.

Any scoop on what's Sex and the City dvd seasoncoming up on Burn Notice? — Skye
ADAM: Viewers will Sex and the City series dvdcatch up with Michael in the exact suite where theSex and the City DVD show left him last season,Sex and the City box set but it won't be long before he's The Prisoner tv series back home working a new task for The Prisoner box set Vaughn (The Wire The Prisoner dvd seasonand Supernatural's Robert Wisdom), a spy handler for The Prisoner dvd the company that burned Michael. The Prisoner complete seriesMichael's reunion with Fiona won't be very sweet, JAG seriesbecause she and Sam have JAG dvdtaken on a new client

Xena Warrior Princess series dvd
Xena Warrior Princess dvd season
Remington Steele series dvd
Remington Steele dvd box set
Remington Steele dvd
Remington Steele dvd season
Everybody hates Chris series dvd


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 'V' and 'Fringe' Panel Highlights Empty Re: 'V' and 'Fringe' Panel Highlights

Post  Steam7 on Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:18 pm

And even more!
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 'V' and 'Fringe' Panel Highlights Empty Re: 'V' and 'Fringe' Panel Highlights

Post  Keziah Rowley on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:41 pm

can we ban this spammer?
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 'V' and 'Fringe' Panel Highlights Empty ~hyuu~

Post  Nosyt on Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:32 pm

Why do you get decent spam and EPIC keeps getting viagra ads? :/
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 'V' and 'Fringe' Panel Highlights Empty Re: 'V' and 'Fringe' Panel Highlights

Post  Denizen Kane on Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:13 pm

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 'V' and 'Fringe' Panel Highlights Empty Re: 'V' and 'Fringe' Panel Highlights

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