Jefflav Presidential support campaign !!!

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Jefflav Presidential support campaign !!!

Post  jefflav on Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:44 pm

Hello Citizen of eCanada,

I’m addressing you today to officially announce that I will be looking for support for the Presidential elections on July 5th 2010 this article will be to give you a general look at all my priorities and goals for the month of July. This article will be followed by a series of articles explaining in details my goals and priorities. At the end of the article you will find the dates the articles will be release.

Well, when I first joined Erepublik I had a goal of becoming President of eCanada because I care about my country and I want the best for it. So this month I decided to run for CP and do everything I can to make eCanada the best country in Erepublik ( not that it already is because in our hearts eCanada is already the best country). I have many things I would like to accomplish if I became President. There a 2 things that I want to do well to important things there is my goals ( stuff I would like to reach) and there is my priorities ( stuff that will be done ). Here they are my priorities and my goals.


- Education : I want us to work on our education program make it more aggressive make it more helpful because it isn’t always easy starting off as a new player you need to learn everything on your own but by getting our education more aggressive we could contact all citizen of level 1 to 10 and get them to join our learning programs… (details will be released in another article schedule a little lower )

- Economy : I want to keep the economy on track and make sure it doesn’t go bad like in other months…(details will be released in another article schedule a little lower )

- Infrastructures : I want to create more infrastructures such as a new defence system and a new Q5 hospital but I will give you more details on that in a further article.

- Titanium and V2 : V2 is around the corner and someone got to find out what to do with that titanium probably there is already a plan on the table that mister Pendwyn as gotten ready well we’ll see whats in store for that titanium and as for V2 we got to keep getting ready for it and lets get to testing it with beta and when it arrives we will be ready…(details will be released in another article schedule a little lower )

- Baby boom : Possibility of another Baby-boom ? Well probably not a baby- boom but a big increase in the population either if its by immigration or by getting new players to join and getting them something to do to get them to stay… (details will be released in another article schedule a little lower )

-Parties: Some citizens were telling me the other day that there was too many parties in eCanada ( 18 parties) and he said I wish that number was lower because there is a lot of parties that shouldn’t be there so I said probably there could be a merger or something to lower the number of parties… (details will be released in another article schedule a little lower )

- Military : The military section will be about CAF and practice wars and probably about a war but it’s a surprise so everyone got to wait … (details will be released in another article schedule a little lower )


- Increase in population by 25 %
- Increase GDP by 20 %
- Keep Current regions .

Well be ready for the series of articles. One article every second day so yeah keep a eye on the ads and my newspaper . My cabinet will be released before the final article. Vote Jefflav ! Support Jefflav !

Thank You !

Jefflav’s Presidential schedule ( article release , debates)

18th of June 2010 - Jefflav campaign : Education

20th of June 2010 - Jefflav campaign : Economy

22nd of June 2010 - Jefflav congress platform

24th of June 2010 - Jefflav campaign : Infrastructures

26th of June 2010 - Jefflav campaign : Titanium and V2

28th of June 2010 - Jefflav campaign : Military

30th of June 2010 - Jefflav campaign : Baby Boom

2nd of July 2010 - Jefflav campaign : Parties and Cabinet announcement

4th of July 2010 - Jefflav campaign : Final Article

There are some things missing like the debate but will be updated when I get the official date Very Happy

Contact me :

- On IRC as Jefflav
- On Erepublik as private message
- On a party forum
- In a comment

Thank you again !



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