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My Return to the SPeC

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My Return to the SPeC Empty My Return to the SPeC

Post  Denizen Kane on Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:27 am

After a brief, yet very necessary hiatus from erepublik I've decided to return to the only place I've ever called home and that's the SPeC.

The timing of my departure last month was unfortunate. Shortly after being elected party president I was blindsided with some very tragic circumstances in RL. I made a snap decision and abruptly removed myself from the party and the game for all intensive purposes. For the negative implications the party suffered as a result and for not handling this more appropriately I'm truly sorry. I hope that you can understand that I simply wasn't thinking straight at the time.

Before my departure I'd been working on implementing a new incentive based system by which to run our communes. I made significant donations to the party org both financially and in the form of companies and these provisions still stand in place today. We have a fully functioning commune system just waiting to become operational. I look forward to being a part of the implementation and success of the communes in the near future. I believe that functioning communes are and will continue to be our our most effective tool in the recruiting process.

Denizen Kane
Denizen Kane
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